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Facilities that store and use hazardous chemicals and materials are subject to numerous federal and state regulations that require periodic reporting, compliance audits and training. Conducting annual facility reviews reduces the risk of a release and promotes workplace safety.

PSM/RMP and other OSHA and EPA regulations require that facilities to conduct and document compliance audits and employee training at least every 3 years.  All RMP data must be updated every 5 years.  Maintenance and mechanical integrity testing must be in accordance to set schedules and operating procedures must be certified annually.  Plans must be updated if any changes are made to the facility, process, equipment or personnel.
Our approach includes a complete review of all applicable regulations including:
OSHA regulations 1910.111-NH3, 1910.119-PSM, 1910.120-Hazwoper, 1910.1200-HazCom, 1910.38-ER Planning, 1910.252-Welding, 1910.165-Alarms, CPL 03-00-014-Audits, and EPA regulations 40 CFR 68-RMP, 40 CFR 112-SPCC, 40 CFR 355-EPCRA, 40 CFR 122-Stormwater,40 CFR 264/265D-RCRA, 40 CFR 761-TSCA. 



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