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Gridmark specializes in providing environmental consulting services for facilities that store and use:

Ammonia (NH3) for air emissions treatment or refrigeration systems,
Chlorine (Cl) for water treatment,
Other highly hazardous chemicals.

For many facilities ammonia or chlorine may be the only hazardous chemical stored and used at the facility.

Our staff specializes in providing PSM/RMP compliance services for processes at facilities that are not routinely managing highly hazardous chemicals such as power stations, water treatment facilities and refrigerated warehouses.

For over 30 years our staff has been delivering environmental services to industry nationwide. We specialize in ensuring that your facility has an effective and up to date emergency response program.
Recent News
(Boston, Mass. – January 2013) – A cold storage company has agreed to pay penalties of $225,000 to settle claims by EPA that the company violated federal Clean Air Act requirements meant to prevent chemical releases relating to its use of ammonia.

According to EPA’s complaint, the firm failed to put in place a required “Risk Management Plan” for ammonia used in the refrigeration system at the facility.
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